Predictive Poetry

iPhone keyboard prediction uses text that the user enters over time to build a custom, local “dictionary” of words and phrases the user has typed repeatedly. In this personal exploration, through use of my phone’s predictive keyboard, I've crafted poems by letting my iPhone suggest the next word. This method, both personal and impersonal, creates poems that are bad, bizarre, tender, mundane, and, at times, just right. I've made a series of short videos showing the process of creating "predictive poems" that emphasize the serendipity and absurdity of the process. Each leaves the poem's author ambiguous: did the phone write the poem or did the user?

Included on 9.5" x 14" digital LED frames in my show, Digital Witness, at the Swartley Art Gallery at Dwight Englewood during early 2018.

I have further explored this process by creating a deck of 50 cards. The cards elevate the content and the format suggests no strict beginning and end, further reflecting the nature of coincidence in the work. This medium adds a tactile aspect to the digital experience, perhaps inspiring the user to consider the ways in which we change our devices and the way our devices change us.