Branding & Identity

A conceptual brand inspired by a collection of 20 items. I chose 20 1950's cheesecake portraits I purchased from a thrift shop in Brooklyn to develop a conceptual online vintage shop called "bb." "bb" is both the initials of my stylish grandmother and millennial slang for a person/thing that we have affection for ("baby"). This exploration sought to integrate storytelling into online consignment shopping.

This short GIF shows the homepage and a sample product page. Mimicking the process of coming across the portraits at a thrift store, the homepage displays a spread of portraits. By clicking on one portrait, the photo shimmies out of its glassine envelope. From there, the user is led to the product page for an item shown in the clicked-on photo. The product page introduces you to the woman in the portrait and tells the story of her garment.

The collateral utilizes a 1950's-inspired palette and handlettering inspired by my grandmother's cursive. Each purchase comes with the original cheesecake portrait depicting the garment purchased. Branded materials are inspired by transparency, tactility and the spirit of discovery (e.g. the Viewfinder format for a lookbook).