Pallet Palais

A School, A Park 2018
Montreal, QC

Group Exhibit Statement:

The C-O-M-P-A-N-Y workshop by Display Distribute takes as its starting point the format of the short-form personal biography or artist statement as both a medium and method for examining identity and shifting labor conditions within cultural practice. Much dreaded and hated, the bio is re-read here as a "hack"--a textual strategy bearing the potential to reconsider and redefine individual positions to work, business, and corporization.

At a moment when increasing precarity alters our relations to labour and production, the biography as a tool for self-branding and self-commodification is inverted as a means to expose and question existing value systems. How can the increasing complexities of intersectional affinities nuance the relationship between individual and collective identity?

Taking up defunct and in-between architectures of commerce--the demolition site, the underpass, the pallet, the back alley--participants of A School, A Park investigate what other forms of exchange might emerge by engaging these alter-narratives in disenfranchised spaces. Projects that might refer to or wear the shape of business investigate intimate exchanges returning, finally, to the most basic notion of what it means to be in C-O-M-P-A-N-Y in its rudimentary form referring simply to the bringing together of bodies in their most porous, irreducible and vulnerable forms.

* Tune into C-O-M-P-A-N-Y radio on @1pm, Sunday July 7th


Pallet Palais Statement: